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Thumbs up on Florida residential real estate purchases

Florida's tag as the Sunshine State positively influences individuals and businesses thinking of relocating. Many people choose homes in community associations, whether condominium, cooperative or homeowner associations.

If I do not pay my condominium fees, what type of sanctions can my condo association take?

If you own a condo unit, you are required to pay certain fees, called assessments. It is important for you to understand that your condo association or community association has a lien on your unit in order to secure the payment of fees. 

What is a limited common element in a community association?

Limited common elements in community associations are defined by Florida Statutes as those common elements which are reserved for the use of a certain unit or units to the exclusion of all other units. These limited common elements are set forth in the declaration of condominium. Generally, the owner of a condo unit that enjoys use of such limited common element must pay assessments related to that limited common element.

What are the duties of a board of administration for a condo or community association?

The board of administration - also known as the board of directors - for a condo or community association is the group of elected individuals who are responsible for the administration, management, and operation of the condominium association. The powers and duties of the board of administration are set forth in the condominium documents, namely the bylaws and the Rules, as well as CH 718 FL ST. Other powers and duties may be defined in Florida's laws on corporations and not for profit corporations. 

Can my condo association charge me for repairs to the fire extinguishers and alarms in the condo hallways even though there is no mention of fire safety equipment in the condo association documents?

Yes, your condo or community association can charge you for repairs to the fire extinguishers and alarms in the condo hallways even though there is no mention of fire safety equipment in the condo association documents. Unless otherwise stated in the condo documents, your condo association should be charging you based on the proportionate ownership interest that you have in the common elements by way of your ownership of the condo unit. As a simplistic example, if your building has 10 units, you should be paying 10% of the repairs for the fire safety equipment in that building. 

Community Associations - Dealing with HOAs when you miss a payment

If you live in a home that is part of a homeowners association, you should be well aware of your expectations to pay regular fees. These payments go toward maintenance of shared areas and amenities, building improvements and repairs as well as other expenses and services shared by members of the association.

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