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You've got a real estate dispute: How do you BEST resolve it?

REAL ESTATE DISPUTE? [Edited May 1, 2017]

Condo documents, amendments: key to examine re any dispute

It's hardly unimaginable for disputes to occur with regularity -- even numbing frequency -- in a planned residential community in Naples or elsewhere in Florida. The sources of acrimony leading to argument and, sometimes, legal disputes -- between neighbors, between property owners and directing boards, between elected condo association members and so forth -- are myriad in any community where many residents dwell and a panoply of rules and regulations govern their conduct.

When a non-compete agreement rears its head

A fair playing field, right? Isn't that what is routinely stressed as being fundamentally important in the world of American business, whether it relates to relate estate or any other industry?

Spotlight on condo boards' improprieties, counsel's input

A media investigation from earlier this year that profiled multiple abuses committed by condominium associations across South Florida underscores the compelling need that condo owners can have when confronting the wrongful -- and, often, flatly unlawful -- behavior of homeowners boards.

Florida Real Estate Disputes -- Recovering Possession

A common real estate dispute concerns POSSESSION of the property. There are several real estate litigation remedies for recovering physical possession of real property from someone who is on your land or in your house, storefront or warehouse unlawfully, or improperly using it.

What is a lis pendens?

A Notice of Lis Pendens is a document that gets filed in a real estate dispute, usually in the land records, after a lawsuit has been initiated. Its purpose is to put the world on notice that the real property described in the document is the subject of a pending lawsuit. 

When it comes to real estate matters, the clock is ticking

Any transaction involving property has the potential to be quite stressful. Your home, business and hundreds of thousands of dollars could be on the line, and it can be easy to either panic or feel paralyzed when it comes to making decisions.

Disputes over land use can be a slippery slope

Imagine you have recently bought a home in Naples. The property wasn't cheap, but you loved the area and the views. And while you love the home, maybe there are some changes you want to make. Your options can all be pretty straightforward in this situation, unless you share some of your property with your neighbors or are part of a homeowners' association.

Real Estate Purchase and Sale - Can I get my deposit back?

When you are buying, building or renting a home, it is common to pay some sort of deposit. This money can serve different purposes. A security deposit for a lease can be used for things like repairing damage done by a tenant. If the deposit is for a new home being built, it can be used to reserve land. An earnest money deposit on an existing home can be considered an indication of a buyer's serious and good faith intention to purchase the home.

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