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October 2016 Archives

Liens for Real Estate Commissions

There are two ways in Florida that a real estate broker can obtain the legal right to file a lien against a seller's house, condominium, or other real property, for his real estate commission. Note that I said 'broker.' It's NEVER appropriate for a sales person to file a lien.

Spotlight on condo boards' improprieties, counsel's input

A media investigation from earlier this year that profiled multiple abuses committed by condominium associations across South Florida underscores the compelling need that condo owners can have when confronting the wrongful -- and, often, flatly unlawful -- behavior of homeowners boards.

What is a Partition suit?

A partition suit (or partition and contribution suit) is a lawsuit that a person files in order to force the division of real property. It also enables that person to get contribution from the other owners for expenses of the property if others are not paying their fair share. 

Florida Real Estate Disputes -- Recovering Possession

A common real estate dispute concerns POSSESSION of the property. There are several real estate litigation remedies for recovering physical possession of real property from someone who is on your land or in your house, storefront or warehouse unlawfully, or improperly using it.

Served with a foreclosure notice? Take a breath and get proactive

For most Floridians and other Americans across the country, home-related transactions are about as amped-up as it gets in life. Emotion often goes into any decision-making process regarding a family dwelling. Excitement easily attaches to property transactions, as does, often, stress.

What is a lis pendens?

A Notice of Lis Pendens is a document that gets filed in a real estate dispute, usually in the land records, after a lawsuit has been initiated. Its purpose is to put the world on notice that the real property described in the document is the subject of a pending lawsuit. 

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