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September 2017 Archives

Commercial tenants: Tips about 'going dark'

Leasing commercial space is often a major expense for any business. Between the rent, the cost of maintenance and utilities, and the need to staff the business, there is typically a lot at stake when a business opens its doors.

Real Estate Disputes - Easements

Real Estate litigation can arise over misunderstandings concerning easements and licenses. Many people don't realize their property or common elements are/are subject to an easement until a problem arises.  Here's a video discussion on Easements:

Community associations - Estoppel certificates for Condominiums and HOAs

Here's a quick and dirty summary of the new estoppel certificate laws for Condominiums and HomeOwner Associations. Estoppel certificates used to be referred to as 'estoppel letters.'  Associations need to be complying with these detailed new requirements, there can be serious penalties for failure to do so.

Real Estate Litigation - Cancel Contract? or Enforce it? WORDS MATTER!

Real Estate Litigation often arises out of people being careless with language.

You've got a real estate dispute: How do you BEST resolve it?

REAL ESTATE DISPUTE? [Edited May 1, 2017]

Real Estate Disputes- Delay or Impossibility of Closing under FR/BAR sales contracts

Real Estate Disputes are bound to arise after any major storm. A little knowledge can help avoid expensive litigation. This blog attempts to provide broad brush guidance (and my opinions) as to Post Irma closing delays under FR/BAR agreements, specifically the FR/Bar Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase last revised June 2017. It's not possible to address every argument that might be made on both sides and this blog should not be construed as specific legal advice. If you find yourself in this predicament, contact our office.

Real Estate Disputes - Delayed Closing under NABOR contracts

Real Estate Disputes and litigation are bound to arise after Hurricane Irma.


Real estate disputes are bound to arise after a major storm, especially one like Hurricane irma.  Florida law, in fact the law in most states, provides for certain exceptions and extensions in the event of 'Acts of G-d' or 'force majeure' (Latin for an overwhelming force).


Florida law, in fact the law in most states, provides for certain exceptions and extensions in the event of 'Acts of G-d' or 'force majeure' (Latin for an overwhelming force).

Florida Community Associations - New laws affecting Condos and HOAs

Florida Community Associations face a host of new laws this year. Most of the revisions were in the Florida Condominium Act, Chapter 718 of the Florida Statutes. However, significant amendments concerning estoppel certificates, their content and their cost , which are included in the amendment to the condominium law, have also been implemented in Chapter 720 regulating HomeOwner Associations.

Florida Construction Law - Post Irma Repairs for Homeowners - Protect yourself

Construction law and insurance law need to be considered in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Many homeowners feel pressed to contract for home repairs quickly.  Stop, think and take steps to protect your self and your rights. 

Florida Construction Law - Staying safe in the aftermath of Irma

The recent hurricane that swept through Florida left in its wake millions of people without power; people were stranded in flooded, destroyed homes; some are dealing with serious injuries and missing loved ones.

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