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Construction law - Cutting corners has consequences

Florida Construction law is complex. Building projects have the potential to be very complicated and frustrating. Oftentimes, there are issues that arise that lead to delays and added costs. And while it can be tempting to take shortcuts or ignore these issues in the interest of meeting deadlines or getting the job done faster, doing so could ultimately cause more problems than it solves.

One recent situation highlights the pitfalls of prioritizing deadlines over quality on a large scale and it can be a good reminder to people involved in smaller projects that there are consequences for cutting corners.

The project involves The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches, which is a training complex for Major League Baseball teams. As noted in reports like this one, the facility opened early this year despite numerous problems.

Evidently, there were leaking roofs and windows, rusting in areas without proper priming, ripples in the flooring and concrete seating that did not comply with federal specifications. Despite these issues, the ballpark opened and is currently in full use.

But the problems are far from over. Not only is there about $12 million in work that still needs to be completed, but the contractors, teams and subcontractors are locked in various battles involving non-payment and breaches of contract.

It is not possible to say what might have happened if there had been enough time to address these issues prior to the opening of the ballpark. However, it should be a reminder that making a deadline the top priority can compromise the work being done and the terms of the contracts in place.

If you are involved in a construction project, it is wise to discuss potential problems like non-payment, delays and methods of dispute resolution early on and include guidance in your contracts. Working with an attorney during these processes can help you protect your project, your expectations and your financial bottom line.

If you are in a dispute arising from construction work, involve legal counsel as early as possible before you make unnecessary sacrifices of your rights.

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