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Issues can arise when people do short-term leasing in HOAs

Florida is a popular vacation destination for people all over the world. Naples in particular offers visitors a unique and charming getaway, whether they are here to visit family or soak in the sun at the beach. And even though there are numerous hotels in the city, visitors are increasingly choosing short-term home rentals over hotels when they visit the area.

As such, more homeowners are considering the possibility of renting out their home through companies like Airbnb and HomeAway. However, if you are considering this as an option, you should be aware of issues that can arise if your home is part of a homeowners' association.

Violations of HOA bylaws

Before renting your home, it is crucial to check the bylaws of your HOA to determine if they allow short-term renting. If they do not, then you will want to explore other options. If the rules are confusing or do not address short-term renting, you can request clarification. If you are wrongfully accused of violating HOA rules for renting your home, then you can discuss your legal options with an attorney.

Straining relationships with neighbors

Even if your HOA permits short-term renting, it is still something to consider carefully, particularly if you value the relationships you have in your community. People who rent through Airbnb and other companies may not be as kind, considerate and quiet as you would like, which can cause nuisances for your neighbors. You might consider communicating with neighbors about your plans to rent and keeping these communication channels open throughout the renting process.

Compliance with changing laws

Vacation rentals in Florida are subject to numerous local and state laws, and these laws are always changing. Recently, for instance, a proposed bill got one step closer to going to the Senate for approval. If passed, the bill would affect short-term rental regulations across the state. Complying with laws that are complicated and always changing can be a very real challenge, especially for individual homeowners who are not well-versed in the rental industry.

Because so many issues can arise when people in HOAs rent out (or attempt to rent out) their homes, it can be crucial to discuss these situations with an attorney experienced in HOA laws and dispute resolution in Florida.

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