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Commercial real estate logistics stand between success, failure

Naples and other cities in Southern Florida are home to some of the best, most dynamic restaurants in the country. Between the geographical benefits of opening up a restaurant here and the fact that people flock to this state from all over the world, the Florida restaurant scene is booming.

Online shopping and its impact on commercial real estate

What commercial real estate markets are like and what businesses and investors are looking for from commercial properties are constantly shifting things. They can be affected by all different sorts of factors, including: economic trends (local and global), demographic shifts, financing conditions, political environment, business trends and general society trends.

Complications can -- and do -- arise in real estate transactions

Too many people make the mistake of oversimplifying real estate transactions. They assume that two parties will exchange payment, sign some documentation and that's it: The property then changes hands.

What expenses are commercial tenants responsible for?

When you rent commercial space, whether it be for retail, industrial or other purposes, you will need to sign a lease that holds both you and your landlord responsible for certain things. Two of the most important matters that will be addressed in a proper lease are the price and the obligations of the landlord.

What is a variance, and do I need one?

Purchasing or leasing property for commercial purposes can be a complicated process. Of course there are some situations where finding the space, signing the contract and complying with the terms of that contract is fairly simple and straightforward. However, there is also the strong possibility that you could learn an expensive lesson when complications arise.

Commercial real estate 101: what to know when signing a contract

Entering any type of contractual agreement with someone else is a situation that should be taken very seriously. When they are drawn up and enforced properly, contracts can provide critical protection for the parties that have signed the agreement. If you do not have a contract in place or you failed to examine the terms of a contract thoroughly before signing, you could be in a very difficult.

Does every commercial real estate dispute end up in court?

Any type of dispute related to real estate has the potential to be quite contentious. At stake in these cases can be a lot of money, the future of a business and a company's reputation. Because of this, people generally want to get a dispute resolved in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

Business owners have legal options when lease terms are broken

Commercial lease agreements are a necessary for all business owners. These agreements clearly lay out expectations and rules, while ensuring the rights of the commercial landlord and owner are both protected. Of course though, even with provisions and clauses clearly laid out, there are still plenty of Florida business owners who find themselves questioning whether it is time to take legal action against their commercial landlord. 

Bill aims to lower commercial lease sales tax in Florida

Commercial leasing is an important part of doing business in Florida. It is important to make the state an attractive locale for doing business. In fact, a bill is making its way through the state legislature that aims to do just that.

Should I lease or purchase commercial real estate in Naples?

Deciding to open a business of one's own can be a big decision for Naples residents, with positive and negative repercussions. Once the decision has been made to strike out on your own, there are many smaller but still important questions to be addressed. One of these is the issue of whether to lease or purchase real property on which to conduct business.

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