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Changes at two Naples shopping centers, thoughts on commercial property

While economic indicators point to continued growth in Naples, many of our readers know that business stability and growth are often directly related to location, business neighbors, automobile and foot traffic and of course, to terms of the governing commercial lease. While these factors don't fit neatly into government economic forecasts, they can make all the difference to hard-working entrepreneurs who have their boots on the ground in the fight for business survival.

Florida commercial real estate transaction goes wrong; malpractice alleged

Real Estate Litigation -- nobody wants to be there but sometimes it's the only answer. Large-scale real estate transactions in Florida can go sour for any number of reasons, ranging from allegations that a party has failed to perform to claims of fraud, breach of contract, survey and title problems, the list is endless.

Liens for Real Estate Commissions

There are two ways in Florida that a real estate broker can obtain the legal right to file a lien against a seller's house, condominium, or other real property, for his real estate commission. Note that I said 'broker.' It's NEVER appropriate for a sales person to file a lien.

Florida Real Estate Disputes -- Recovering Possession

A common real estate dispute concerns POSSESSION of the property. There are several real estate litigation remedies for recovering physical possession of real property from someone who is on your land or in your house, storefront or warehouse unlawfully, or improperly using it.


Real Estate Disputes and Litigation -- CAN I FORCE A SELLER TO DEED THE PROPERTY TO ME, IF SELLER HAS CHANGED HIS MIND? Yes, many times you can if you have a written contract. This is called a suit for "Specific Performance."

The Foreclosure Demand Letter: What You Need to Know Part II

You walk to the mailbox and there it is: a letter from the mortgage company showing what you already know. You are behind on payments and face foreclosure. This is an overwhelming time, but you signed a mortgage contract that includes important provisions that may allow you to stay in your home.

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