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How to handle a dispute with your HOA

Homeowners often choose to live in an association or planned development because it alleviates some of the stress and responsibility of home ownership. If you live in an association, you may not need to worry about disruptive neighbors, poorly maintained premises or dangerous pets nearby. 

What is a construction lien and how do they work in Florida?

FLORIDA CONSTRUCTION LAW. A construction lien, also known as a contractor's lien or mechanic's lien, is a legal claim against a property. When properties are built or improvements are made, the contractor and subcontractors may have a right to file a lien against the property if they don't receive full payment. The lien must be paid if the property is to be sold and the contractor can ultimately force the sale of the property, even homestead property, if the lien is not paid off within a certain period.

Condominium Insurance - Liability of Associations & Board Members after a hurricane

Community Association Issues are on everyone's mind these days after Hurricane Irma caused damage across the state. Disputes are arising as to insurance coverage and the responsibility of owners versus that of associations. Does each party have sufficiant coverage? How will reserves be used? Are the reserves sufficient? Associations, Directors and Unit Owners should also use this as an opportunity to plan for the next casualty event.  Click here for a discussion of the Post-Irma issues relating to the liability of condominium associations and their boards of directors, on these critical issues. Also check out our blogs on resolving disputes or litigation arising under NABOR and FR/BAR residential sales contracts after a casualty event.

Critics: taxing commercial leases penalizing Florida businesses

Commercial Leasing in Florida:

Will I face foreclosure of my home if I lose my job?

Owning a home is a symbol of success in the U.S. When you buy a house you can feel great pride and excitement. [ contains info on many Florida real estate dispute issues]. Too many mortgage borrowers face foreclosure unarmed with proper information. Home ownership can be a struggle, especially if you find yourself unable to keep up with loan payments due to job loss.

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