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Condominium Insurance - Liability of Associations & Board Members after a hurricane

Community Association Issues are on everyone's mind these days after Hurricane Irma caused damage across the state. Disputes are arising as to insurance coverage and the responsibility of owners versus that of associations. Does each party have sufficiant coverage? How will reserves be used? Are the reserves sufficient? Associations, Directors and Unit Owners should also use this as an opportunity to plan for the next casualty event.  Click here for a discussion of the Post-Irma issues relating to the liability of condominium associations and their boards of directors, on these critical issues. Also check out our blogs on resolving disputes or litigation arising under NABOR and FR/BAR residential sales contracts after a casualty event.

Real Estate Litigation - Cancel Contract? or Enforce it? WORDS MATTER!

Real Estate Litigation often arises out of people being careless with language.

How do EASEMENTS impact Construction?

As the above-cited overview says, "Many people lack a clear understanding of easements, and the numerous legal problems that can arise" when they become an issue in YOUR real estate.

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