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Condos - Common problems involving common areas

Common areas are often desirable spaces or amenities that come with living in a condominium. They can be lobbies, party rooms, pools or rooftop gardens, though elevators, storage areas and hallways can also be common areas.

Construction law - Cutting corners has consequences

Florida Construction law is complex. Building projects have the potential to be very complicated and frustrating. Oftentimes, there are issues that arise that lead to delays and added costs. And while it can be tempting to take shortcuts or ignore these issues in the interest of meeting deadlines or getting the job done faster, doing so could ultimately cause more problems than it solves.

Changes at two Naples shopping centers, thoughts on commercial property

While economic indicators point to continued growth in Naples, many of our readers know that business stability and growth are often directly related to location, business neighbors, automobile and foot traffic and of course, to terms of the governing commercial lease. While these factors don't fit neatly into government economic forecasts, they can make all the difference to hard-working entrepreneurs who have their boots on the ground in the fight for business survival.

Does your Homeowners Association (HOA) have to be incorporated?

Yes, it matters if your homeowners' association (HOA) is incorporated. Pursuant to Florida Statute ยง720.303, "an association must be incorporated. . . ."  You can view the entire statute here.  The governing documents must be recorded in the official records of the county where the HOA is located.  The governing documents include, but are not limited to, articles of incorporation, which establishes the existence of the corporation.

Real Estate Disputes/Deals with family or friends -- what to do

Entering into any agreement, verbal or written, with regard to real estate should not be taken lightly. Written contracts set strict rules and expectations for a relationship and essentially dictate how two parties will work together. In many cases, these contracts are between you and a stranger --which gives you a level of objectivity.

Deed and title issues can trigger a purchase dispute in Naples

Florida residents who have purchased or sold real estate have no doubt encountered many important real estate documents such as the contract of sale and other contracts and agreements. But probably the most important real estate document is the deed. The deed is the document used to convey real estate from one party to another. Deeds also indicate the rights of the buyer and the obligations of the seller with respect to the property.

The Foreclosure Demand Letter: What You Need to Know Part II

You walk to the mailbox and there it is: a letter from the mortgage company showing what you already know. You are behind on payments and face foreclosure. This is an overwhelming time, but you signed a mortgage contract that includes important provisions that may allow you to stay in your home.

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