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Nation's commercial leasing picture telling two stories

What's happening in commercial leasing? The online property marketplace firm Ten-X has done some deep research into the commercial real estate market from both a national and a local perspective, and its findings are interesting. First, perhaps, is this: Ten-X states that a marked division exists across the country regarding what is going on in the office sector versus apartment leasing, respectively.

What is a Partition suit?

A partition suit (or partition and contribution suit) is a lawsuit that a person files in order to force the division of real property. It also enables that person to get contribution from the other owners for expenses of the property if others are not paying their fair share. 

What is a lis pendens?

A Notice of Lis Pendens is a document that gets filed in a real estate dispute, usually in the land records, after a lawsuit has been initiated. Its purpose is to put the world on notice that the real property described in the document is the subject of a pending lawsuit. 

Can my condo association charge me for repairs to the fire extinguishers and alarms in the condo hallways even though there is no mention of fire safety equipment in the condo association documents?

Yes, your condo or community association can charge you for repairs to the fire extinguishers and alarms in the condo hallways even though there is no mention of fire safety equipment in the condo association documents. Unless otherwise stated in the condo documents, your condo association should be charging you based on the proportionate ownership interest that you have in the common elements by way of your ownership of the condo unit. As a simplistic example, if your building has 10 units, you should be paying 10% of the repairs for the fire safety equipment in that building. 

Foreclosure and Lis Pendens

Foreclosure and Lis Pendens --two often misunderstood terms!  Get legal advice sooner rather than later I was recently able to assist an elderly lady who, sadly, was cheated by her own relatives. She paid the relatives her life savings over more than a decade in return for a house they owned. She moved in and made it her home. She trusted them completely. The relatives never truly conveyed title to her but fooled her with deceptive documents. They then mortgaged the house and it went into foreclosure! She was never served in the foreclosure suit. I got involved at the very end of the foreclosure, worked out an arrangement with the lender and we are trying to recover her money. This is still a work in progress. The takeaways from this are:

Real Estate Disputes, Litigation and Email

When you find yourself facing a lawsuit, emails exchanged with the other side in the run up to the real estate dispute can be powerful evidence. Visit my website for more on real estate disputes and lawsuits:

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