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Community associations - Estoppel certificates for Condominiums and HOAs

Here's a quick and dirty summary of the new estoppel certificate laws for Condominiums and HomeOwner Associations. Estoppel certificates used to be referred to as 'estoppel letters.'  Associations need to be complying with these detailed new requirements, there can be serious penalties for failure to do so.

You've got a real estate dispute: How do you BEST resolve it?

REAL ESTATE DISPUTE? [Edited May 1, 2017]

Real Estate Disputes- Delay or Impossibility of Closing under FR/BAR sales contracts

Real Estate Disputes are bound to arise after any major storm. A little knowledge can help avoid expensive litigation. This blog attempts to provide broad brush guidance (and my opinions) as to Post Irma closing delays under FR/BAR agreements, specifically the FR/Bar Contract for Residential Sale and Purchase last revised June 2017. It's not possible to address every argument that might be made on both sides and this blog should not be construed as specific legal advice. If you find yourself in this predicament, contact our office.

Real Estate Disputes -- Buyer's Right to Possession after Closing

What can I do when I buy a house in Florida but the Seller won't move out? Can I force him out? YES.
This doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Real Estate litigation is sometimes a necessity.   I was once consulted by a home buyer who did everything right.  She wired her funds to the title company, attended closing and signed all the paperwork requested.  The Seller did his part (up to a point)-- he timely signed and delivered the deed, etc.  But then the Seller just didn't move out!

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