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Commercial Leases - 3 remedies for early termination in Florida

Florida Commerical Leases /Rental Agreements -In a recent post, we discussed 'Go Dark ' clauses and how they can affect commercial tenants and landlords. We explained that these clauses allow a tenant to cease operations without losing commercial space. As beneficial as this might be for tenants, it can cause headaches for commercial landlords who know that closed businesses can be bad for nearby businesses.

Complications can -- and do -- arise in real estate transactions

Too many people make the mistake of oversimplifying real estate transactions. They assume that two parties will exchange payment, sign some documentation and that's it: The property then changes hands.

What expenses are commercial tenants responsible for?

When you rent commercial space, whether it be for retail, industrial or other purposes, you will need to sign a lease that holds both you and your landlord responsible for certain things. Two of the most important matters that will be addressed in a proper lease are the price and the obligations of the landlord.

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