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Partition and Contribution -TV interview of Celia Deifik

PARTITION AND CONTRIBUTION DISCUSSION: Click here for a discussion of various types of problems that can be solved with a Partition lawsuit:

What is a Partition suit?

A partition suit (or partition and contribution suit) is a lawsuit that a person files in order to force the division of real property. It also enables that person to get contribution from the other owners for expenses of the property if others are not paying their fair share. 

Forcing sale of joint real property (Partition) & getting reimbursed for fair share of expenses (Contribution) !

I'm amazed how long people put up with difficult, stubborn co-owners (siblings, ex-lovers) who won't cooperate, often act out of spite, and refuse to pay their share of the mortgage, utility bills and other expenses. Florida law on Partition and Contribution provides a tool to force a market sale of real estate AND compel the disruptive ex-lover/ sibling/ former business partner to pay their share of expenses, including retroactively. This is called Partition and Contribution. The beautiful part is you can sometimes also force them to pay part of your attorney fees and court costs!

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