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Real Estate Litigation Archives

Real Estate Disputes - Easements

Real Estate litigation can arise over misunderstandings concerning easements and licenses. Many people don't realize their property or common elements are/are subject to an easement until a problem arises.  Here's a video discussion on Easements:

Real Estate Litigation - Cancel Contract? or Enforce it? WORDS MATTER!

Real Estate Litigation often arises out of people being careless with language.

Florida commercial real estate transaction goes wrong; malpractice alleged

Real Estate Litigation -- nobody wants to be there but sometimes it's the only answer. Large-scale real estate transactions in Florida can go sour for any number of reasons, ranging from allegations that a party has failed to perform to claims of fraud, breach of contract, survey and title problems, the list is endless.


Real Estate Litigation often arises from disputes over forfeiture or recovery of deposits under real estate Purchase and Sale Agreements.

Florida Real Estate Disputes -- Recovering Possession

A common real estate dispute concerns POSSESSION of the property. There are several real estate litigation remedies for recovering physical possession of real property from someone who is on your land or in your house, storefront or warehouse unlawfully, or improperly using it.

Real Estate Disputes -- Buyer's Right to Possession after Closing

What can I do when I buy a house in Florida but the Seller won't move out? Can I force him out? YES.
This doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Real Estate litigation is sometimes a necessity.   I was once consulted by a home buyer who did everything right.  She wired her funds to the title company, attended closing and signed all the paperwork requested.  The Seller did his part (up to a point)-- he timely signed and delivered the deed, etc.  But then the Seller just didn't move out!

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